11628 East Main Street Huntley IL 60142 US


   15 & 16     2015

5th Annual Huntley  ArtFest

                           A celebration of inspiration, creativity and the human soul

Thomas Heling

Born: November 23, 1948

Died: July 19, 2014

 ArtFest 2014 Festival Committee

  wishes to honor Tom, as he was the inspiration

  behind our conception of the ArtFest, in 2011.

Tom Arrived in Huntley in 2010, and quickly involved himself in the life of the community.  Prior to his arrival, Tom had lived in and around Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  During his years there he shared twenty years of helping and chairing the Oshkosh Art Museum’s Art Fair, which celebrates its 57th year in 2014. (Winnebagoland Art Fair)

 He brought a passion for culture and fine arts to Huntley, and wanted to share his organizational skills with us.  He helped to develop a committee to plan, organize and run Artfest so that it was not dependent on any one individual, and today we are self-functioning.  At the same time encouraged us with reminders that it would take a number of years to become fully established as a recognized Artfest.  Today we are celebrating our fourth annual Artfest, and have already begun plans for August 15th and 16th, 2015.


Tom was also an Artist.  He was an accomplished painter, writer and singer

                                                                                            Tom’s Manuscripts:


                                                                                       1.    Glen of Trees

                                                                                       2.    Monastic Love

                                                                                       3.    A Journey Dared

                                                                                       4.    and a screenplay, Mist of Grief


                                                                                      Thank you Tom, you are already missed.

Saturday 10:00 am ~ 5:00 pm

​Sunday 10:00 am ~ 4:00 pm

The Huntley ArtFest is a celebration of Fine Arts in the Village of Huntley, Illinois.  Artists from across the country participate in this late summer event that attracts art admirers and patrons from Huntley, Del Webb Sun City and area communities.  The festival is held in the shadow of the historic First Congregational United Church of Christ built in 1852.  The charming and historic Village offers the perfect park like setting on the grass and tree filled “Field of Dreams” located in downtown Huntley - three blocks east of Hwy-47. Patrons will find ample FREE Parking on the Festival grounds and in nearby Business and Public Lots within two blocks.   Plenty of onsite handicap parking is available as well as special assistance for senior citizens and the handicapped. Other Activities at the  Huntley ArtFest include:

 FREE Live How-To Art Demonstrations

A Large Stage Area featuring live performances of Musical Groups, Dance Troupes and Singers throughout the day. Plus a covered dining space next to the stage for patrons.

    Food Concessions 

A Wonderful Natural Space to Enjoy along with Family and Friends


Truly Something for Everyone !

FREE Admission and Parking

Corner of Church and Main in the Heart of Huntley's Historical District 

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